Wharfedale DIAMOND 9.0

Wharfedale DIAMOND 9.0 Bookshelf Speakers

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  • Cheap and cheerful
  • Works well with low watt amps or old hi-fi systems
  • Great first bookshelf buy or addition to sound system
  • Due to small size and front bass port you can put them anywhere


  • None at this price

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

Cheap and cheerful the Wharfedale DIAMOND 9.0 speakers produce some funky sounds for a super low price.

Given their small size they work very nicely with lower watt amplifiers which can help if you want to connect them up to a combined hi-fi unit, or work with a surround system.

With their small size, they can fit nicely with your surround system or desktop. Also given that they are front port bass speakers you can rest them right next to the wall with little audible difference.

They are also magnetically sealed so you can rest them next to the rest of your equipment without causing any damage.

Over all very cheap and great to add to an additional collection or first bookshelf buy!

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