Acoustic Energy Neo One v2

Acoustic Energy Neo One v2 Bookshelf Speakers

Three Star Rating
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  • Strong bass for bookshelf’s
  • Punchy mids
  • Balanced sound


  • Slightly unrefined treble

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

Being a touch bigger than most bookshelf speakers the Acoustic Energy Neo One v2’s produce a fine balanced sound with good detail in the lower ends.

With the additional cabinet space the Neo One V2’s prove to be quite full speakers even though they are not full floor standing speakers.

Along with the refined bass the mids are also surprisingly lively comes in hand when you wish to play slightly more punchy tunes.

Only slight downturn is the slight lack in power and the very slight lack in refinement of the higher frequencies.


Great low end sound for speakers which are relatively practical. With a balanced sound these work great throughout the house despite their slightly unmastered treble.

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