Roth Oli 20

Roth Oli 20 Bookshelf Speakers

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  • Higher ranges are better than most
  • Good for rear home cinema speakers


  • Lack dynamics and organization
  • Lower ranges are slightly flabby

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

With improved looks and more detailed mid/high ranges the Roth Oli 20’s work quite nicely as backing speakers for your home cinema set up.

Once the Roth Oli 20’s are positioned against the wall they start to shine. With more detail and depth than most, the Oli 20’s work very nicely as rear speakers for you home cinema set up. Given that these speakers are a little fussy with spacing; this does mean you may have trouble getting the most out of the speakers if you’re restricted with space.

The main downside to the speakers is its slightly flabby lower ranges. The lower ranges seem a touch out of time and seem rather clumsy. This does not contrast well with the relatively good higher ranges.


The Roth Oli 20’s are still good sounding speakers however you may find them a touch fussy on placement and a touch undefined in the lower ranges of sound. However we would still recommend looking into them before making a purchase.

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