Tannoy Mercury V1

Tannoy Mercury V1 Bookshelf Speakers

Five Star Rating
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  • Crisp and dynamic sound
  • Wide soundstage
  • Balanced sound throughout all ranges


  • Lacks a little punch and solidity

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

The Tannoy Mercury V1 produces a full, detailed sound. With tight base and solid build you can’t go wrong with this deal.

WHAT HI-FI have been big fans of the Mercy range and the V1’s are no exception. This recognition doesn’t come easily, and as a result the Tannoy Mercury V1’s have kicked up quite a fuss.

The V1’s delivers fluid and solid sound which can respond quickly to changes in sound without causing too much distortion. Generally speaking the V1’s produces a very balanced sound which manages to create a wide sound stage despite their size.

Listening to the Mercury V1’s might be faultless; however compare to the best speakers around this Tannoy misses a little punch and solidity in the lower ranges.


The Tannoy Mercury V1 produces good tonal balance and has a bigger soundstage than most.

Although they might not be so good at pumping club music due to their slight lack in punch, the Tannoy Mercury V1’s are extremely balanced speakers which are very hard to rival.

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