Dali Ikon 5 mk2

Dali Ikon 5 mk2 Floorstanding Speakers

Three Star Rating
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  • Broad sound stage
  • Very loud when needed
  • Improved precision and clarity


  • Still quite pricey
  • A little bit clinical

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

With a combination of a unique ribbon tweeter and wool fibre mid/bass drivers the Dali Ikon 5 mk2’s produce a fine mix of sounds.

Even though the Ikon 6 mk2’s can be quite fussy with placement and size of room, once set up they will produce a wide sound stage and work very with sound systems and home cinemas.

Although still quite pricy the Dali Ikon 6 mk2’s are a definite improvement from the predecessors. They produce a very controlled and clear sound which keeps going as the volume gets louder and louder. If you’re looking for speakers that pack a punch then these might be good for you as they can play pretty loud for their size!

Being upgraded from this predecessors does mean that the price has shot. We have also noted that the quality is a lot better however maybe over produced and clinical.


Great speakers but they are still a touch on the pricy side. They are still a fantastic pair of speakers which will work extremely well as hi-fi or home cinema speakers.

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