Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6

Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6 Bookshelf Speakers

Five Star Rating
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  • Smooth coherent sound
  • Good clarity throughout all ranges
  • Produces clean bass


  • Slightly raspy high notes if paired badly

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

Smooth and refined the Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6’s will add a fine elegance to your music or home cinema.

Being in the higher price brackets for bookshelf speakers you will expect a lot from these speakers, and luckily they deliver! Looking stunning in dark espresso it doesn’t take you long before you realise these speakers have been built to last.

With their unique ‘dual-concentric divers’ the signature DC6’s produce a surprising range of sound from mid to high ranges. Pairing that with a solid cabinet design, the Tannoys can produce a surprising amount of refined bass for bookshelf speakers.

Also due to the front port design it enables you to put the DC6’s near to the wall. This can help out if you are limited with space.

With a titanium tweeter the Tannoy Revolution Signatures DC6’s produce fine clarity in the higher frequencies. They can however sound a little raspy when combined with an overstated amplifier.


The Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6’s are very smart, smooth sounding speakers which produces a fine balanced sound.