Arcam Solo Mini Muso

Arcam Solo Mini Muso Sound System

Five Star Rating
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  • All components work very well together
  • Create detailed sound for a compact system
  • CD player, Radio, USB and extra phono inputs


  • Slightly underpowered

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Review/ Summary

With high end speakers, CD player, DAB/FM/AM radio, USB and standard phono inputs the Arcam Solo Mini Muso is a solid all in one audio package.

Arcam is normally well known for creating high end separates, however with this product they decided to get the best of all their products and condense them into a fine little package.

The beauty of systems like this is that every piece of hardware is designed to run in sync with all the components. Given this in mind the end product is finely balanced and works in harmony rather than creating outbursts of confusing sound.

As is with most Arcam equipment, the CD player is very good along with the MP3 input via USB.

It also has a number of phono inputs which enables you to connect other audio separates such as tape players, TV or even an auxiliary out to connect via headphone jack to your IPod/ laptop.

The only slight downfall is the slight lack in power. With 25 watts per channel it’s not going to bring the walls down. It will however work perfectly well for living room listening.


The Arcam Solo Mini Muso is an extremely stylish and well grounded sound system. With its compact and adaptable body, we would definitely recommend this over other all in one products such as the B&W Zepplin.