Scandyna Micropod SE

Scandyna Micropod SE Sound System

Three Star Rating
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  • Funky compacted design
  • Warm and clear sound rivalling competitors
  • Built to last


  • Slightly lacks low end ranges

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

Coming in pink, black or white the Scandyna Micropod SE are funky little trend breakers!

With a dock for your IPod and stylish, compact design the Micropod SE will add an additional flair to your living room.

Not only do these speakers look great, they sound great as well. With subtle warmth the Scandyna Micropod SE really work best at medium to low levels making them ideal listening to whilst working around the house.

The internal design has been thought about just as much as the external design. With Kevlar bass cones this speaker system is built to last.

As well as the IPod dock, there is also a headphone jack so you can plug them into your laptop, desktop or whatever allows a headphone jack.

The only slight fault is the slight lack in lower bass ranges. However this is very hard to achieve with such a compact design.


This speakers are great fun and nice to see around the house. With a nice warm sound the Scandyna Micropod SE can compete with other rivals such as Bose, Arcam, Acoustic Energy.

Only downfall is slight lack in bass.

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