TEAC LSW300 2.1

TEAC LSW300 2.1 Bookshelf Speakers

Three Star Rating
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  • Two mini speakers which create pretty good sound!
  • Good sub to beef up your movies/ cinema


  • None at this price

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Review/ Summary

With two speakers and a subwoofer this speaker combo set is great for your first 2.1 sound system or home cinema.

We are still not quite sure how Superfi can sell these for such a low price, as the parts for these speakers would cost more than this!?

Either way these speakers will be a great first set of hi-fi speakers or will work very well if you’re looking for a compact home cinema set up.

Considering the price, the satellite speakers sound really good. Much better than any cheap Panasonic sound system.

Along with the speakers you have a fairly hefty sub which will defiantly help out with the gunfire in movies or baselines in your music.

Please note that you will require an amplifier to play these speakers. The sub is self powered but the satellite speakers aren’t!


It’s really cheap! You could probably buy it and sell it for more!? Either way it’s a great little system for the cost, and having that sub really helps out.