PSB Imagine T

PSB Imagine T Floorstanding Speakers

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  • Good balance between home cinema and stereo audio
  • Extremely balanced, yet exciting mid and hi ranges
  • Outstanding Titanium tweeter


  • Slightly lacks low end ranges

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

The PSB Imagine T have been designed for both home cinema, and stereo music. With both options in mind, these speakers work very nicely next to your TV as well as separate hi-fi speakers.

So what do they sound like?

Made up of three drivers, one titanium tweeter and two identical mid drivers the PSB Imagine T brings a surprisingly wide sound stage to your sound system.

The innovative titanium tweeter (normally found in more expensive models) adds an extremely fresh feel to the speakers, especially when listing to the stretch of a trumped, clash of a cymbal and the flare of a harmonica.

The best and the worst features of the speakers are the dual mid drivers. With two drivers working away, the PSB Imagine T produces an extremely balanced and refined range of mid to mid/low frequencies. They do however lack the lower frequencies compared to other speakers in this price bracket.

Given that they are generally used with a surround set up, you can’t help but feel that they were relying on a sub for a bigger presence in the lower ranges.

One other slight downside to these speakers (probably due to the home cinema background) is that they work very well in small/ medium living room, however greatly depreciate as the room gets much bigger.

Bad points aside, these are a cracking pair of speakers which will add an almost 3D sound just on their own.


With astonishing high ranges and phenomenal mid ranges the PSB Imagine T brings a scarily real sound stage to a small/ medium sized living room.

Although the lower ranges are slightly lacking, the high end titanium tweeter brings a profound experience to your home cinema/ hi-fi system.

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