Elac FS 189

Elac FS 189 Floorstanding Speakers

Four Star Rating
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  • Unique tweeter design
  • Most frequencies covered in a floorstander
  • Massive price cut!


  • Needs powerful amplifier

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

With more speakers than your girlfriends shoe collection, these mother towers will be more than adequate for your listening pleasure.

The specially designed tweeter is much more diverse than standard tweeters allowing it to cover greater ranges of sound. Adding to this there is an army of speakers which helps cover most brackets of sound.

Given that there are two big speaker silos you’re going to have to be very picky what amp to use. The speakers are 250 watt so I would recommend higher watt amps to get any potential out of these speakers.

Overall these are really high grade speakers and for this price it’s hard to compare to other speakers.