Roth CHARLiE 2.0

Roth CHARLiE 2.0 Sound System

Three Star Rating
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Was £219.95


  • Wireless IPod connector
  • Headphone jack input
  • Small and portable


  • Clarity not quite as good as competitors

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

These funky little speakers are great for your average round the house music makers.

One great feature is that the dock that comes with the speakers, is wires. This means you have can the dock next to you whilst the speakers stay in their home ground. The range of this receiver is around 10m. This will be greatly reduced if you have walls, chairs etc in the way.

There is also the ability to link up via headphone jack in case you don’t have an IPhone/ Ipod (unlikely).

Although the speakers are quite snazzy, they aren’t quite as good quality as other competitors, hence the 3 star rating.

However, if you have limited space and want to have your IPhone by you whilst playing music then this is very handy.