Epos AktiMate Mini

Epos AktiMate Mini Sound System

Five Star Rating
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Save £150
Now £249.95
Was £399.95


  • Neighbours will hate you
  • Big, punchy sound
  • Can plug IPod into top or headphone jack to other devices
  • Wards off bears


  • None at this price

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

Despite the ‘Mini’ in its name the Epoz AktiMate Mini speakers are big bad and bold!

As said by WHAT Hi-Fi these speakers are “up-front, entertaining performers... punchy low frequencies straight-edged and packed with information.”

If you want your audio system to punch you in the face, then these are for you!

Being active speakers it means you don’t need an amp. You can simply plug your IPod onto the top of the speaker or attach them with a mini jack from your computer, IPad, Laptop etc. It also comes with a remote which ensures the volume stays at 100% when there’s a party.

Although these are quite expensive speakers, you have to remember that the amp is included here. This isn’t a standard system for everyone, it’s for someone who can ride two bikes at a time and is man enough to call Bear Grills a pansy.