Acoustic Energy Bluetooth Sound System

Acoustic Energy Bluetooth Sound System Sound System

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  • Blue tooth and headphone jack connections
  • Each speaker can move 2 metres away from console
  • Not just convenient but good quality too


  • Slightly underpowered
  • Slightly lacks low end ranges

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

These speakers really open up your audio world as it enables you to connect to many device types. With so many smart phones, tablets and laptops being introduced it makes sense to have a simple way of listening to music in your study, kitchen or living room.

The Acoustic Energy Bluetooth Speaker System is great as they are small and non offensive. They will casually fit in any room without causing too much attention.

Although they maybe a touch on the quite side and slightly lack the low end frequencies, the simplicity of these speakers makes up for it.

Often speakers of this size and simplicity are normally made for convenience, and as a result, lack in audio quality. These Acoustic Energy’s on the other hand deliver!

The system also allows each speaker to move 2 metres away from the central console. It also has the function of headphone jack as well as blue tooth.

With this price, this is our favourite mini sound system!

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