Sennheiser MX880

Sennheiser MX880 Headphones

Four Star Rating
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  • Very detailed and balanced throughout all ranges of sound
  • Fairly good bass considering their in-ear headphones
  • Very open sound


Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

Well known for precision the Sennheiser MX880 are very balanced in-ear headphones which provide and open clarity throughout all ranges of sound.

Although in-ear headphones will never produce the diversity of bass that out of ear headphones produce, the MX880 do it quite well for their size. In the general Sennheiser style, the MX880 generally don’t colour the music too much. They tend to keep the music well tamed with little distortion throughout.

Along with the tight design the MX880 also comes with a remote which comes in handy when on the move.

Only slight down fall is that it doesn’t come with a case.


These are very smart, precise in-ear headphones, which can produce quite an open and wide range of sounds for their size.

However we would still recommend buying out of ear headphones for this price.

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