Goldring DR50

Goldring DR50 Headphones

Five Star Rating
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  • Very comfy and can withstand long listening sessions
  • Mid and high ranges are very precise


  • None at this price

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

Built for comfort the Goldring DR50 firmly fit on your head and provide a great sound track for your commute to work.

Having a WHAT HI-FI five star rating means that it is ranked highly by the most legitimate audio reviewing company.

Overall the headphones give a good amount of bass, however not as much as others in its field. The mid’s and highs however are of very good quality, and it will be hard to find an equal in this price bracket.

The noise cancelation is better than most as the shielding and cushioning is slightly more than what you would find on smaller headphones, however doesn’t quite rival other close backed headphones.


Given the comfort and quality of the mid’s and high tones this makes these a very relaxed and dynamic listening experience.

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