AKG K550

AKG K550 Headphones

Five Star Rating
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  • Very comfy and surprisingly light weight
  • Extremely dynamic with detail throughout all ranges of sound
  • Their size and quality encapsulate you in an immersive audio experience


  • Very big

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

Built like a lightweight spaceship, the AKG K550 brings a very immersive audio experiences to your every day listening.

Given that they are closed back they cancel out any sound around you to ensure a perfect audio experience. Even though they are closed back they still producing a very uplifting sound which does not leave any detail missing.

With its massive 50mm driver the AKG K550 can bring light, clear sound but also deep rich low frequencies. Not only low but also very agile, even with faster music.

Despite their epic appearance, the AKG K550 are surprisingly light. They are also extremely comfy due to their cushioned linings and wide head band. So much so that you feel a touch naked once you take them off.

The only slight down point is that they don’t come with lazar guns to shoot people out the way whilst doing your daily commute. Give it some time and I’m sure AKG will release something similar!


Being standard issue on the Star Ship Enterprise, the K550 provide an extremely uplifting and deep audio experience which engulfs you in a lazar field of sound!

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