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Saturday 31/03/2012

This month we’ve seen some very promising cheap, entry level bookshelf speakers. For under £100 these speakers are great for your first sound system or adding extra dynamic to a current sound system.

All with their own character you can’t go wrong with either of these bookshelf speakers, however check out the details to see what would suite you.

Overview of the best in its group is at the bottom.

Whafedale Diamond 9.1 for £100

First Position is the Whafedale Diamond 9.1 for £100
Whafedale Diamond 9.1


+ Multipule Expert Awards
+ Front Bass port
+ Solid Build


- Generally good but occasional gets over excited

Winning many awards the Diamond 9.1's have created quite a stir in the audio world. With a solid build and Kevlar cones, they bring a punchy, lively presence to your living room.

Given that it has a 44% discount this brings a higher level speaker into a lower budget . View Whafedale Diamond 9.1 Deal

Acoustic Energy Compact One for £99.95

Second Position is the Acoustic Energy Compact One for £99.95
Acoustic Energy Compact One


+ Balanced sound for all types of music
+ Great looks and build
+ Copes well in different locations of room


- Doesn't have the spice or clarity of other competitors

With size being though through from the start, the Compact One's can be moved around your living room easily.

With great balance they will ensure you whole music collection will be brought out in a balanced, equal manner. View Acoustic Energy Compact One Deal

Mission M30i for £84.95

Third Position is the Mission M30i for £84.95
Mission M30i


+ Punchy for their size
+ Good low end
+ Good for 5.1/ 7.1 sound systems


- Takes a while to run in the speakers

Smart and compact with front facing bass ports, these speakers nicely fit anywhere and create a suppressing amount of punch for their size View Mission M30i Deal

Whafedale Diamond 9.0 for £40

Fourth Position is the Whafedale Diamond 9.0 for £40
Whafedale Diamond 9.0


+ Cheap speakers from great brand
+ Works well with low what amps
+ Can use to upgrade cheap speaker systems


- Due to their size there not so great at higher volumes

At an ultra cheap price the Dimaond 9.0's are useful if you wish to upgrade the speakers on a cheaper sound system, or if you wish to add to your 5.1/ 7.1 sound system. View Whafedale Diamond 9.0 Deal

Final Review

These are all great speakers and you will have to go listen to them to truly understand which you prefer. Each speaker has its own flavour just as a Monnet painting is different to a Picasso.

Being popular choices for entry level bookshelf speakers, you will be sure to find at least one pair of these in your nearest audio store, so go check them out!

Whafedale Diamond 9.1 – Exciting, well built, great for its price

Acoustic Energy Compact One – Very balanced sound and flexible where you put them

Mission M30i – Very beefy for their size, but not quite as good sound quality

Whafedale Diamond 9.0 – Lowest of the lot, but still very good for its ultra low price