Fatman iTube Carbon Mk2

Fatman iTube Carbon Mk2 Amplifier

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  • Has an IPod/ IPhone housing
  • The valves brings a beautiful analogue warmth to your digital music collection
  • More modern styling which fits in with your living room


  • None at this price

Expert Reviews:

Review/ Summary

In an ever growing digital world, the Fatman iTube Carbon Mk2 valve amplifier brings a bit of retro back into your living room.

Designed to house an IPod/ IPhone, the Fatman iTube Carbon has been made to add warmth to your digital music collection. By using the valves, it creates a type of distortion which makes the music sound warm to the human ear.

The unit itself is really solid and looks great when the middle valve dances to your music.

Overall I would say the Fatman iTube Carbon is a great valve amp. It puts a very warm, analogue blanket over your silicone sound system.

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